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[ NNSquad ] Layers of idiocy behind the (now cancelled) ICANN gTLD "archery" lottery

Layers of idiocy behind the (now cancelled) ICANN gTLD "archery" lottery

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Even though ICANN so badly screwed up their already defective (and now
canceled) "digital archery" lottery for gTLD allocations, I think it's
worth a quick look at how ICANN's mismanagement has spawned layers
of scummy businesses feeding off the immense waste and get rich quick
"gold rush" mentality with which ICANN has corrupted the DNS.

One example is "pool.com" -- who not only apparently runs
domain-related auctions, but provided expensive tools ("Digital
Archery Engine) that gTLD applicants could use to try "game" the
primary ICANN gTLD "digital archery" system.

You won't find a word about serving the genuine needs of the Internet
community at large, but you'll find images of giant dollar signs with
arrows pointing upward, and endorsements from the likes of Stuart
Lawley of ICM Registry, the man who boasted of turning dot-ex-ex-ex
into a defensive registration money machine.

This is yet another example of what ICANN has wrought.

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