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[ NNSquad ] Google reportedly to pay $22.5 million to settle bull**** FTC cookie claim

Google reportedly to pay $22.5 million to settle bull**** FTC cookie claim
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http://j.mp/PM9i05   (Daily Mail)

   "The charges involve Google's use of special computer code, or
    'cookies', to trick Apple's Safari browser so Google could monitor
    users that had blocked such tracking, the newspaper said."

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Whether this had involved Google, Facebook, or anyone else, the
circumstances of the FTC claim can only be described charitably as
garbage.  I understand the budget priorities these days -- anything to
bring in some megabucks to the government -- but the FTC should be
worrying about genuine privacy violations that actually harm people.
Damned there are plenty of those really ripping off folks every day on
and off the Web.  

Instead, the FTC increasingly is playing a lame game of technical
"gotcha" that is an affront to any sense of reality, proportionality,
or common sense.  It's as if the FTC had adopted the same sort of
wacky, toxic reasoning that has dragged our political process into the
abyss.  Perhaps that's actually what's going on.

For details on why the FTC's behavior in this case has been so
incredibly putrid, please see (from February):

"Google, Safari, and a Clamor of Cookie Confusion"
http://j.mp/xGZRcT  (Lauren's Blog)

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