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[ NNSquad ] China orders prescreening censorship of Web video content

China orders prescreening censorship of Web video content

http://j.mp/LffH1c  (AP / Chron)

   "China's broadcasting and Internet regulators have told Internet
    video providers that they must prescreen all programs before
    making them available, tightening state censorship of increasingly
    popular online drama series and mini-movies ... A woman working in
    the public relations office for Youku, China's most popular online
    video provider, said Wednesday the new decree had little impact on
    the company because Youku already has hundreds of prescreeners who
    examine all content uploaded to the site."

 - - -

I don't know offhand how much video is uploaded to Youku per hour, but
for comparison purposes, right now the published figure for YouTube
(which is supposedly "blocked" in China from direct access) is
currently 72 hours of video uploaded every minute -- and rising
rapidly.  With 60 minutes per hour, that's 4320 minutes uploaded per
minute, so approaching 5K "censorship reviewers" would be needed to
tackle the current YouTube flow, if working 24/7 at real-time speeds.
Presumably you want to review the entirety of every video -- spot
checking could lead to passing through videos that start off as happy
rainbows but suddenly diverge into anti-government pleadings.  It
would probably be possible to scan at higher speed than real-time
however, which would pull the numbers down some.  This leaves aside
the question of censors' accuracy and judgment issues in the ongoing
process.  Bottom line: A total mess.

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