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[ NNSquad ] Copyright troll: $10, 000 sanctions upheld by appeals court are "bulls**t"

Copyright troll: $10,000 sanctions upheld by appeals court are "bulls**t"

http://j.mp/LlIaCh  (ars technica)

    But beyond his questionable legal tactics, Stone lamented the fact
    that larger ISPs, like Verizon, (against whom he filed a subpoena in
    late May 2012 over a pirated work of anime in an ongoing case) fight
    him "tooth and nail," while smaller ISPs simply "cough up the user
    information."  And, he argues, Verizon isn't protecting their users
    out of principle or out of an interest in legal fairness, but rather
    to protect their highest-paying customers, which, according to Stone,
    are pirates.  "There is no commercially available service that can
    even take advantage of the top-tier bandwidth," he said. "You don't
    need 50Mbps down to use Hulu, Netflix, iTunes or anything. Who the
    hell pays for 50Mbps down? P2P file-sharers. That's who pays. That's
    on the Internet side, they're making profits from those who want to

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Who needs high-speed Internet?  How about households with multiple
people who use the Net simultaneously?  How about people who do
serious work on the Net?  How about people who deal with large project
files?  How about people who aren't utter jerks like you?

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