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[ NNSquad ] Danny Sullivan and Mozilla battle over Google SSL

Danny Sullivan and Mozilla battle over Google SSL

http://j.mp/NUmnkK  (Search Engine Land)

   "I've been having a bit of a back-and-forth between Asa Dotzler, the
    director at Mozilla who oversees Firefox, who both accuses me of not
    understanding how Google SSL Search works and misrepresenting what
    Mozilla has said about how it will provide privacy within Firefox.
    Actually, I've come to think that Mozilla doesn't understand how
    Google SSL Search works and itself has been misrepresenting how
    privacy protection will work - and not work - within Firefox."
      - Danny Sullivan

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Also still relevant from my blog (October 2011): "Google Modifies SSL
Behavior -- and the Results Are Troubling": http://j.mp/nWig84

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