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[ NNSquad ] NSA Mimics Google, Upsets Senate

NSA Mimics Google, Upsets Senate

http://j.mp/NzPkBv  (Wired)

  "The NSA, you see, is just one of many organizations that have open
   sourced code that seeks to mimic the Google infrastructure. Like other
   commercial outfits, the agency not only wants to share the database
   with other government organizations and companies, it aimed to improve
   the platform by encouraging other developers to contribute code. But
   when the government's involved, there's often a twist.  The U.S.
   government has a long history with open source software, but there are
   times when policy and politics bump up against efforts to freely share
   software code - just as they do in the corporate world. In recent
   years, the most famous example is NASA's Nebula project, which
   overcame myriad bureaucratic hurdles before busting out of the space
   agency in a big way, seeding the popular OpenStack platform."

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