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[ NNSquad ] The dangerous gap between those who make software, and those who use it

The dangerous gap between those who make software, and those who use it

http://j.mp/OWkUdS  (Elezea)

  "For the last example we'll go even further down the technical totem
   pole, lest we forget what goes on in the bottom half of the Internet.
   In 2010 ReadWriteReb wrote an article about Facebook Connect and AOL
   Instant Messenger called Facebook Wants To Be Your One True Login. But
   their SEO was so good that if you went to Google and typed in
   "Facebook login", that article would be the first result. It wasn't
   long before they started receiving comments like this ...  That's
   right - people thought that they were on Facebook, and that the "new
   design" had inexplicably taken away the ability to log in. Things got
   so bad that they had to put up this message in the middle of the
   article, which is still there today.."

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