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[ NNSquad ] Google facing force of aggressive E.U. regulators (+ my comments)

Google facing force of aggressive E.U. regulators (+ my comments)

http://j.mp/OikkVQ  (Washington Post)

   "Europe may be a financial disaster and a faded military force, but in
    at least one arena it has emerged as champ: Regulators here are
    challenging the power of America's technology titans. And they are

 - - -

The Same Old Tired Charges from the EU.  It's almost as if EU
officials were trying to divert attention from how they're continuing
to wreck their own economies over there, and their own surveillance
and censorship regimes.

Some discussion of the relevant issues from my blog:

Fairness of Google Search Results: http://j.mp/KSNCg0
Cookies Confusion: http://j.mp/xGZRcT
Wi-Fi Data Collection Hysteria: http://bit.ly/9680wb
"Right to be Forgotten" Train Wreck: http://j.mp/AatI0J

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