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[ NNSquad ] Wall Street Journal opinion piece mangles the history of the Internet -- but WHY?

Wall Street Journal opinion piece mangles the history of the Internet -- but WHY?

http://j.mp/MjeT8v  (ars technica)

    "It's an urban legend that the government launched the Internet,"
     writes L. Gordon Crovitz in Monday's Wall Street Journal, launching
     into just one of a myriad of problems with his short opinion piece.

 - - -

This Wall Street Journal "opinion piece" really mucked up big time.
And the sense of some associated political motivation is difficult to
ignore.  The fact is, without ARPA/IPTO, there would not be an
Internet as we know it today.  Period.  Other networks would have very
likely developed of course, probably along the lines of various
pay-per-packet, walled garden modalities that the dominant ISPs seem
hell-bent at deploying today -- but not the end-to-end
ARPANET/Internet model that has been so very crucial to the spread and
wide availability of these technologies.

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