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[ NNSquad ] NBC's Internet #Fail - Choking the Olympic Spirit for Profit

NBC's Internet #Fail - Choking the Olympic Spirit for Profit

http://j.mp/OnydFJ  (oreilly.com)

   "I still haven't seen the opening ceremony from Beijing (same reasons,
    same perp), and I missed the one last night too. Well, I didn't miss
    it exactly. When my tweet stream started lighting up late yesterday
    afternoon with visions of giant babies and Voldemort and flying
    bicycles and all the other British trippiness I ran to my TV. Work can
    wait, I want to see this! But I was blocked at every turn. Like an
    Iranian dissident I finally managed via a secret proxy to get a
    glimpse. But it lasted only a moment before some well-compensated
    gatekeeper sussed it out and blocked my subversive stream. I couldn't
    deal with the asymmetry of the commentary without the thing, so I just
    shut down Twitter.  Did you know that the in order to use the official
    iPhone and iPad apps from NBC to live stream events you have to
    subscribe to a particular set of cable companies, and furthermore you
    have to be subscribed to a short list of pay channels? The web is no
    more an open network. It has been reduced (and diminished) to mere
    media pipe that connects (only) to your monopoly owned app - It's like
    the AT&T of old."

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