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[ NNSquad ] "Surprisingly Good Evidence That Real Name Policies Fail To Improve Comments"

"Surprisingly Good Evidence That Real Name Policies Fail To Improve Comments"

http://j.mp/MepPZG  (TechCrunch)

   "In 2007, South Korea temporarily mandated that all websites with over
    100,000 viewers require real names, but scraped it after it was found
    to be ineffective at cleaning up abusive and malicious comments (the
    policy reduced unwanted comments by an estimated .09%) ..."

 - - -

My personal view is that there are applications where Real Names work,
and venues where requiring them can have significant (even major)
negative collateral impacts.  It's a complex issue without easy
answers, and a layered, situation-specific approach seems best.  I am
on record as being very negative toward enforced use of the Facebook
commenting system by non-Facebook sites.

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