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[ NNSquad ] Hangout On Air: YouTube & Automated Video Takedowns, Copyright, and Related Issues

Hangout On Air: YouTube & Automated Video Takedowns, Copyright, and
Related Issues

http://j.mp/RU4RLM  (Google+)

Controversies have been escalating regarding automated content
copyright enforcement mechanisms (such as the YouTube/Hangout On Air
"Content ID" system) and their impacts on legitimate video uploads and
"fair use" issues.  The blocking of the Hugo Awards on Ustream a few
days ago (due to a similar system) has once again brought these
continuing concerns into focus.  Let's explore how this situation came
to be, to what extent it addresses serious concerns of content owners,
and whether there are reasonable modifications or alternatives that
could be employed.  

This event is scheduled for tonight, Friday 7 Sep, at 7:30 PM PDT.

This will be a Hangout On Air for archival and public viewing on
YouTube.  This event will be cancelled if there is insufficient
interest.  Please indicate your interest in participating via the G+
event posting at the link above, or directly to me via
lauren@vortex.com.  Please do not indicate that you will participate
if you do not have a working microphone and camera -- you can view the
live on-air stream without either of these.  Thanks!

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