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[ NNSquad ] Centralized DNS systems vs. CDNs

Centralized DNS systems vs. CDNs
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   "A new study has revealed that public DNS services could actually slow
    down users' web-surfing experience. As a result, researchers have
    developed a solution to help avoid such an impact ..."

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As the article does note in passing, efforts are being made to address
the impact of "centralized" public DNS systems on "closest CDN node"
calculations.  Some early prior discussion of these issues:
http://j.mp/QJ0LIW (NNSquad) // Techniques to
try mitigate this problem include use of distributed DNS server
technology (e.g. as reportedly implemented by Google) and inclusion of
client subnet data in DNS queries.  An interesting report/posting on
this latter technique was just released a week ago:
http://j.mp/QJ0QvW  (CDN Planet).

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