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[ NNSquad ] VeriSign complains that Google is limiting domain name abuses

VeriSign complains that Google is limiting domain name abuses

http://j.mp/Snj8o1  (Search Engine Land)

    "The number of new domains being registered, and existing domains
     being renewed, is slowing down and Verisign - the company that
     operates the .com and .net domain registries - says Google is a
     main reason why."

 - - -

This is hilarious.  Google works diligently to improve search results
and limit the ability of domain name manipulators and speculators to
try game the system.  And VeriSign, who rakes in the cash from that
domain-industrial complex, is upset.  My sympathy for VeriSign in this
situation: ZERO.  Keep up the good work, Google!

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