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[ NNSquad ] Supreme Court seeks a way around "perpetual copyright" on foreign goods

Supreme Court seeks a way around "perpetual copyright" on foreign goods

http://j.mp/TQNpZB  (ars technica)

    "If you were the lawyer for the Toyota distributor, [or] if you were
    the lawyer for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or you are the lawyer
    for a university library," said Breyer. "Your client comes to you and
    says, 'My God, I just read the Supreme Court opinion. It says that we
    can't start selling these old books, or lending them, or putting them
    in our word processor, or reselling the Toyota [or] displaying the
    Picasso without the permission of the copyright holder.' What, as
    their lawyer, do you tell them? Do you tell them, hey, no problem; or,
    do you tell them, you might become a law violator; or, do you tell
    them, I better litigate this? What do you tell them?"

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