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[ NNSquad ] U.S. Firm Acknowledges Syria Uses Its Gear to Block Web

U.S. Firm Acknowledges Syria Uses Its Gear to Block Web

http://j.mp/TQWphg  (WSJ)

   "A U.S. company that makes Internet-blocking gear acknowledges that
    Syria has been using at least 13 of its devices to censor Web activity
    there-an admission that comes as the Syrian government cracks down on
    its citizens and silences their online activities.  Blue Coat Systems
    Inc. of Sunnyvale, Calif., says it shipped the Internet "filtering"
    devices to Dubai late last year, believing they were destined for a
    department of the Iraqi government. However, the devices-which can
    block websites or record when people visit them-made their way to
    Syria, a country subject to strict U.S. trade embargoes."

 - - -

Yeah, they were *supposed* to be used to *block* the Web in Iraq, not Syria.

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