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[ NNSquad ] After Sandy, Wired New Yorkers Get Reconnected With Pay Phones

After Sandy, Wired New Yorkers Get Reconnected With Pay Phones

http://j.mp/WbJON6  (WSJ)

   "Not since the birth of the iPhone has the pay phone experienced such
    demand, thanks to Sandy.  Natural disasters tend to vindicate the
    public pay phone. With their clunky bodies mounted high and sometimes
    behind glass stalls, they generally remain serviceable during power
    outages, even amid flooding. When times get tough, in fact, the
    biggest challenge is often keeping the devices free of coin overloads."

 - - -

It's worth noting that the push to eliminate POTS phone service --
being lead by AT&T who wants everything to be VoIP (mainly to evade
regulations on traditional phone service) could have enormous negative
implications for emergency situations when cellular and Internet
service fails.  The reason most traditional POTS lines stay up is that
they are connected by copper directly to the central office and powered
from massive batteries there.  There are critical public safety issues
to be considered in this entire area.

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