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[ NNSquad ] Patent troll still going after firms for using SSL

Patent troll still going after firms for using SSL

http://j.mp/WCPhMZ  (ars technica)

    An unknown company's four-year campaign to sue hundreds of companies
    for offering encryption on their websites shows no signs of abating,
    with Intel, Yelp, and MovieTickets.com being targeted in the past
    month, court records show.  The patent infringement complaints, which
    have also named Google, Apple, eBay, and Expedia, claim that Marshall,
    Texas-based TQP Development is entitled to royalties for the
    companies' use of the secure sockets layer and transport layer
    security protocols. Together, SSL and TLS form the basis for virtually
    all encryption used to authenticate websites and to encrypt data
    traveling between them and end users. The lawsuits assert US Patent
    No. 5,412,730, which is titled "Encrypted data transmission system
    employing means for randomly altering the encryption keys."

 - - -

Utter and complete bull - - - -.

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