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[ NNSquad ] EFF/ACLU sue to block parts of new Calif. sex offender law -- I agree with them

EFF/ACLU sue to block parts of new Calif. sex offender law -- I agree with them

http://j.mp/Z2gdDx  (Wired)

   "Immediately following the passage of a California proposition that
    would dramatically curtail the online, First Amendment rights of
    registered sex offenders, two civil rights groups filed a lawsuit to
    block parts of the overwhelmingly approved measure.  Proposition 35,
    which passed with 81 percent of the vote Tuesday, would require that
    anyone who is a registered sex offender - including people with
    misdemeanor offenses such as indecent exposure and whose offenses were
    not related to activity on the internet - would have to turn over to
    law enforcement a list of all identifiers they use online as well as a
    list of service providers they use."

 - - -

I agree 100% with the EFF/ACLU stance on this issue.

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