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[ NNSquad ] President Elect Mitt Romney site surfaces -- then (unsurprisingly) vanishes

President Elect Mitt Romney site surfaces -- then (unsurprisingly) vanishes

Looks like the Net provided an interesting glimpse at the alternative
universe where Mitt Romney won last night's election.  For a time
today, a site hosted at "SolutionStream" appeared to be the planned
presidential transition site for Romney -- complete with placeholders
for a YouTube video of his acceptance speech, links to apply for posts
in his administration, and all the trimmings.  If it was fake, it was
a great one.  I believe it was real.  Within a few minutes of my
starting to notify folks about its existence this afternoon, it was
pulled down, and replaced with a generic SolutionStream page.  A few
minutes after that, romney.solutionstream.com began forwarding back to
their home page.  Poof!

Well, *almost* poof.  I grabbed a screenshot of the home page before
it vanished.  It's at this Google+ posting:

http://j.mp/Z2apK2  (G+)

Click on the photo to enlarge, click arrows at lower right to enlarge
more, maximize your page for most enlargement.


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