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[ NNSquad ] [WCIT] the WCIT jewels just keep coming

----- Forwarded message from Tony Rutkowski <trutkowski@NETMAGIC.COM> -----

Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2012 08:22:10 -0500
From: Tony Rutkowski <trutkowski@NETMAGIC.COM>
Subject: [WCIT] the WCIT jewels just keep coming
Reply-To: Tony Rutkowski <trutkowski@NETMAGIC.COM>
Organization: NetMagic Associates

Cuba just published its proposals as Doc. 26.
It's only in Spanish.  The Google Translate
version is attached.  Not unexpectedly, they
are riding their WTSA Res. 69 hobbyhorse that
was described in my list posting two days
ago "the Resolution 69 story."

So what Cuba has done is get Sudan to seed
the ITU-T discrimination complaint file with
numerous exemplars of U.S.* companies complying
with the Sudan sanctions, then get the Arab
and African States to support and embellish
Cuba's Res. 69 at WTSA in Dubai next week.
Meanwhile, they have bicycled Doc. 26 into
the WCIT to provide a binding into the ITRs.
There is a certain political cleverness here.

On the other hand, what is rather disingenuous
about all of this, is that these folks are
pursuing these actions aimed at the U.S. in
the name of human rights.  Welcome to the ITU!

The Russian Internet Regulation doc finally
popped up in English.

For those interested in an opinion on
the only WCIT winning game, see


*The Sudan government official apparently
didn'trealize that one of the companies
was European(Nokia) and that the EU also
has sanctions in place.  He nonetheless
filed the complaint against the U.S.

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