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[ NNSquad ] ISPs detail copyright blocking/throttling plans -- $35 to appeal

ISPs detail copyright blocking/throttling plans -- $35 to appeal

http://j.mp/T6K251  (The Verge)

   "Verizon and Time Warner have detailed their plans to throttle and
    restrict customer internet services under the soon-to-be launched
    Copyright Alert System, Ars Technica reports. At yesterday's INET New
    York conference, Verizon revealed that it will give users a two-week
    warning before throttling internet speeds for a few days. Users who
    are subject to throttling can appeal their case through an independent
    firm for a fee of $35, but full restoration of service is not
    guaranteed. Time Warner will restrict browsing by blocking popular
    websites, which can also be appealed."

 - - -

Imagine if such a procedure were applied to phone calls, or physical mail,
or package deliveries, or your driver's license -- based solely on
*accusations* -- and you have to *pay* to appeal.  They're not ISPs,
they're LESPs -- Law Enforcement Service Providers.

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