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[ NNSquad ] Reuters - Vint Cerf re the ITU's attempted takeover of the Internet

Reuters - Vint Cerf re the ITU's attempted takeover of the Internet

http://j.mp/WWdDRc  (Reuters)

    Google's Vint Cerf, the ordinarily diplomatic co-author of the basic
    protocol for Internet data, denounced the proposed new rules as
    hopeless efforts by some governments and state-controlled telecom
    authorities to assert their power.  "These persistent attempts are
    just evidence that this breed of dinosaurs, with their pea-sized
    brains, hasn't figured out that they are dead yet, because the signal
    hasn't traveled up their long necks," Cerf told Reuters.

 - - -

Vint is 100% correct. And I might add, where's a big meteor when we
really need it?

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