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[ NNSquad ] Pakistan unblocks YouTube -- for three minutes. (Plus my comments.)

Pakistan unblocks YouTube -- for three minutes. (Plus my comments.)

http://j.mp/ZMq9oM  (New York Times)

    "After months of criticism of the ban, the government decided to
     allow Pakistanis to have access to YouTube again, saying steps had
     been taken to ensure that offensive content would not be visible.
     But those efforts apparently failed, and the authorities quickly

 - - -

Note to the world: You will not be able to effectively censor selected
content from YouTube -- and "blasphemous" material (however you define
it) can be mirrored around the planet.  Your filtering systems will
fail in large degrees.  You have two real world choices: (a) Get used
to the fact that you can't control the planet's information, and if
you wish, fight information you don't like with more information, not
attempted censorship.  Or (b) Cut off the Internet totally (if you
can), and stay in the 13th century where you appear to be comfortable.
Good luck with that latter choice.

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