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[ NNSquad ] 2012: The year Irish newspapers tried to destroy the web

2012: The year Irish newspapers tried to destroy the web

http://j.mp/ZNGHMY  (McGarr Solicitors)

   "This year the Irish newspaper industry asserted, first tentatively and
    then without any equivocation, that links -just bare links like this
    one- belonged to them. They said that they had the right to be paid to
    be linked to. They said they had the right to set the rates for those
    links, as they had set rates in the past for other forms of licensing
    of their intellectual property. And then they started a campaign to
    lobby for unauthorised linking to be outlawed."

 - - -

While it's possible to postulate agreements for shared revenues and
legislated remedies, I'm increasingly of the sense that the only
practical means to avoid a descent down the slippery slope in this
regard may be rather draconian -- to eliminate all links to, search
engine crawling of, and search engine results for, any sites that
attempt to impose charges for linking to publicly available pages.  I
suspect that such a penalty would hopefully not need to imposed
indefinitely or even for very long, but I fear that remedies short of
this (while perhaps expedient in the extremely short term) risk being
extremely damaging to the Internet community overall in the 
longer run.

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