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[ NNSquad ] French court orders Twitter to identify racist and anti-Semitic users

French court orders Twitter to identify racist and anti-Semitic users

http://j.mp/VlIx5K  (ars technica)

   "This isn't the first time that French courts and laws have butted
    heads over idiotic racism online. Less than a year ago, then-president
    Nicolas Sarkozy proposed a law that would make even viewing a hate
    site a crime.  Here in the United States, we have a Constitutionally
    protected near-blanket right to free expression. Although incitement
    to violence is generally not protected, hate speech-no matter how
    disgusting and awful-is. As we've reported before, the operating
    principle in America has generally been that undesirable speech should
    be countered with more speech, not less."

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Yes, *more* speech is the solution -- *not* censorship nor government
micromanagement of communications, search results, etc.

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