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[ NNSquad ] "Twitter's Vine is America's Hottest New Porn Search Engine"

"Twitter's Vine is America's Hottest New Porn Search Engine"

http://j.mp/TJ1H5l  (Gawker)

  "Twitter's new sorta-GIF, sorta-video sharing app Vine is really
   catching on with voyeurs and exhibitionists. Searching #d*ck or #porn
   or any other NSFW tag will find you a veritable cornucopia of sexy
   six-second clips ... The problem, though, is with the Apple app
   store's notoriously strict quality standards. Whereas Twitter is
   accessible by computer or text message, Vine's success lives and dies
   by it remaining available in the app store. If it can't clean up, the
   almighty Apple could poison the Vine even before it bursts into
   mainstream success."

 - - -

As predicted ...

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