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[ NNSquad ] Facebook Graph Search Mines Potentially Rich Data for Phishers, Attackers

Facebook Graph Search Mines Potentially Rich Data for Phishers, Attackers

http://j.mp/Uyachi  (Threatpost)

    "Think about the implications if you're an attacker targeting a
    Fortune 500 company," Hadnagy said. "You can take that list, refine it
    and find out people who like to eat here, or have a particular hobby
    and perform multiple attacks against a company by refining the victim
    list and develop phishing, phone or other attacks based on the
    interests of those people."  Facebook representative Fred Wolens had
    no comment when asked by Threatpost about the concerns of experts and
    whether the implications on phishing and spam attacks were considered
    during development of the feature. He did confirm that users will have
    no way to opt out of search.

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