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[ NNSquad ] Vine porn issues take 2

Vine porn issues take 2

http://j.mp/XPKbrt  (Google+)

A quick survey of the new "vineroulette" site (I'm purposely not
lighting up a link on this) shows that while some common searches
likely to result in porn are now blocked by Twitter, many of the
obvious alternatives and misspellings are clear to go.  Also,
searching on the first name of Twitter's CEO is not recommended unless
you're into this sort of thing.  Is this all really a problem?  Yes,
but not due to inherent issues with explicit imagery per se, but
rather the ammunition this kind of situation likely gives to those
forces who want to clamp down on Internet free speech much more
generally and pervasively.  I'll have more to say about this in detail
after the dust has settled a bit.

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