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[ NNSquad ] MS rehashing old discredited claims about Gmail in new anti-Google campaign?

MS rehashing old discredited claims about Gmail in new anti-Google campaign?

http://j.mp/YEOicj  (Read Write)

   "Get ready for another blast of anti-Google propaganda from
    Microsoft and its PR maestro Mark Penn. Sources tell me that the
    Borg is about to launch another broadside against the search
    giant, this one aimed at Gmail, under the title, "Don't get
    Scroogled by Gmail."  Microsoft flacks have been briefing
    reporters under embargo today. (I wasn't on the list.) The news
    will break at 11 p.m. Pacific time Wednesday night."

 - - -

No other info yet or confirmation of this campaign.  If MS is going
over this old tired, discredited ground again, it suggests vast
desperation on their part.

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