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[ NNSquad ] Apple reportedly pressured Vine to go "17+" on the App Store

Apple reportedly pressured Vine to go "17+" on the App Store

http://j.mp/YETjBF (ars technica)

    Apple may have nudged Twitter into updating its new Vine app with a
    "17+" rating on the App Store due to salacious content, according to a
    report from AllThingsD.  Shortly after Vine first appeared in the App
    Store, porn videos began cropping up not only under relevant hashtags
    (#sex, #nsfw, #pornvine) but as editors' picks forced to the top of
    uninterested users' feeds. Vine failed to get a quick handle on its
    mature content, and despite Apple cutting Twitter some slack for this,
    Apple felt it had no choice but to push Twitter to brand the app with
    a high maturity rating, according to AllThingsD.

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