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[ NNSquad ] TIME: NSA Scandal: As Tech Giants Fight Back, Phone Firms Stay Mum

TIME: NSA Scandal: As Tech Giants Fight Back, Phone Firms Stay Mum

http://j.mp/14NRJjo  (TIME)

   "As the U.S. National Security Agency scandal has unfolded over the
    last few weeks, Internet giants Google, Facebook, and Yahoo have been
    falling over each other to publicly distance themselves from the NSA's
    data collection programs, in some cases even going to a secret U.S.
    court to increase their transparency with the public. By contrast, the
    nation's largest phone companies, including Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint,
    have remained stone-cold silent in the face of reports that they've
    participated in a vast, ongoing NSA data collection program targeting
    the phone records of tens of millions of Americans.  It's a striking
    dichotomy, because the program involving the Internet companies, a
    data analysis system known as Prism, doesn't even target U.S. citizens
    or others on U.S. soil (although it's clear that some data associated
    with so-called U.S. persons has been scrutinized, thanks to linguistic
    wiggle-room in the parameters of the Prism program)."

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There's an old saying from Bell System days: "We're the phone company!
We don't care.  We don't have to!"

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