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[ NNSquad ] Paying extra for SSL access to a site? Just seems wrong.

Paying extra for SSL access to a site?  It's just wrong.
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Since the shutdown of Google Reader, which I used very heavily, I've
been quite happily using Feedly's alternative free service.

Now they've announced a $5/mo "Pro" service with additional features.

Price point aside, one of those "Pro" features is an eyebrow raiser:
security on your connections.

This strikes me as quite problematic.  Basic SSL/https: security
on connections to a service aspiring to be a major player should not
be viewed as a "pro" features only for some users, but a basic function
provided to *all* users if it's going to be provided to *any* users.

While I understand there are additional resources involved in SSL
connections, this does not seem like an area where it's reasonable to
say that "free" users don't get even basic connection security -- but
pay users do.

Feedly should reconsider making connection security "pay to play."

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