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[ NNSquad ] Law Enforcement Wants To Weaken Section 230: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Law Enforcement Wants To Weaken Section 230: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

http://j.mp/12UTVto (Popehat)

   "Section 230 - which we have lauded here before - is crucial to freedom
    of expression on the internet. It gives broad immunity (with the
    exception of copyright and federal criminal law) to blogs, forums,
    news services, and other web sites for comments or other content left
    by visitors. Thanks to Section 230, I can't be sued for what you say
    in the comments to this post. Absent Section 230, I would have to
    police my comments for potential defamation and potential violation of
    the laws of a thousand jurisdictions.  As the ACLU reports, several
    Attorneys General want to weaken Section 230 to create an exception
    for any federal or state statute. Their justification, not
    surprisingly, is Think of the Children! - specifically, the children
    who are victims of sex trafficking. The state Attorneys General do not
    explain why it is necessary to create an exception encompassing all
    state laws on whatever subject in order to address child sex
    trafficking.  What could possibly go wrong?"

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