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[ NNSquad ] NSA discussion on C2C AM Radio tonight

NSA discussion on C2C AM Radio tonight
http://j.mp/196DglW  (This message on Google+)

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I'm booked back onto "Coast to Coast AM" radio tonight as the first
hour guest (which means starting live a bit into the 10 PM PDT hour
after the news segment), to discuss the NSA situation and likely some
other related topics (presumably including today's sudden shutdown of
Edward Snowden's apparent email provider - "Lavabit").

The show is widely available, including via these stations
and their various feeds: 

http://bit.ly/aa2R2M  (Coast to Coast AM)

Background info about the show:

"Coast to Coast AM Is No Wack Job": http://bit.ly/blIexO  (Wired)

Be seeing you ...

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