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[ NNSquad ] Markey calls for investigation into CBS blocking online videos

Markey calls for investigation into CBS blocking online videos

http://j.mp/19Om9bm  (The Hill)

    Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) has called on the Federal Communications
    Commission to investigate CBS for blocking Internet content for Time
    Warner Cable subscribers.  "A consumer's choice of cable television
    provider should not be tied to her ability to access Internet content
    that is freely available to other consumers. In such instances,
    consumers lose their freedom to access the Internet content of their
    choice," Markey wrote in a letter to Acting FCC Chairwoman Mignon
    Clyburn late Tuesday.

 - - -

In fact, there's plenty of evil to go around with both CBS and Time
Warner Cable in this continuing dispute. Both firms are doing well --
with TWC raking it in. TWC is also increasingly holding subscribers
hostage to expensive sports programming they don't want. Not just
ESPN, but here in L.A. basketball and soon baseball programming that
used to be on free TV -- but was bid by TWC onto cable and then pushed
into basic tiers where subscribers couldn't escape them.  And these
are services that cost $4-$5 or so each per sub, month after month.
It's basically a form of extortion by TWC against their subscribers.
Meanwhile, CBS is no better. Not only are they blocking Internet
access to their programming for all TWC Internet subscribers all of
the country -- when only a small set of major cities is involved in
the TV retransmission dispute, they are also blocking TWC wholesale
Internet customers. And CBS isn't just blocking Internet access to
current programs, but even to half-century old programs like "Star
Trek" and "The Twilight Zone."  Again, a pox on both their houses!

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