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[ NNSquad ] Slate: The rest of the Snowden docs should be destroyed

Slate: The rest of the Snowden docs should be destroyed

http://j.mp/17p7CPZ (Slate)

     "Meanwhile, thirdly, authoritarian states get a confidence boost.
      "Washington ate the dirt this time," wrote China's Global Times, an
      outlet sometimes called the Fox News of China. The U.S. administration
      "has long been trying to play innocent victim of cyberattacks" but now
      turned out to be "the biggest villain," said Xinhua, the state-run
      news agency. This argument, of course, is hypocrisy. The National
      Security Agency is not spying in order to round up Obama's political
      opposition, and Government Communications Headquarters is not
      listening to Internet traffic to help London's banks-both of which
      stand in sharp contrast to China's own practices.  Nevertheless,
      Snowden's revelations make it easier for the world's authoritarian
      regimes to crush dissent at home.  A fourth result:  Internet
      governance is creaking. Diminishing America and Britain's diplomatic
      and moral standing is threatening the multistakeholder approach, so
      far a guarantor for a free and open Internet. A patchwork of smaller,
      sovereign "Internets" is becoming more and more likely. As a result,
      the Internet could now become more authoritarian, not less."

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