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[ NNSquad ] "Verizon, caught red-handed"

"Verizon, caught red-handed" 

http://j.mp/16ipKIq  (Buzz Machine - Jeff Jarvis)

   "I attempted to read the rest of Gerace's blog post but Verizon has
    erased years of its posts there and the Wayback Machine does not have
    a cache from that date.  This promise came in response to a tough
    letter from Google at the time demanding that Verizon abide by the
    rule. Said Google: "The Commission must ensure that Verizon
    understands that this license obligation means what it says: Any Apps,
    Any Devices."  And no wonder, for Google anticipated precisely this
    situation when it entered the spectrum auction Verizon won and
    insisted then on open access as an FCC condition of the sale: Google
    ended up marketing an unlocked device made to run on Verizon's LTE
    network and now Verizon refuses to honor its promise to abide by the
    rules of its auction to do so."

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