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[ NNSquad ] Iran Internet Blocks Return // Brazil pushes Internet fragmentation

Iran Internet Blocks Return 

http://j.mp/1aRoP9r  (NZ Herald)

    "Word of the opening of Iran's blocked social media sites was spread,
     of course, by social media itself: in celebratory tweets and
     breathless Facebook posts. Hours later, the same sites chewed over the
     sobering reality that the four-year-old firewalls were back in place.
     Iran's internet overseers blamed a "technical" glitch on the brief
     window to the web."

Brazil pushes Internet fragmentation

http://j.mp/1aRpBU4  (NZ Herald)

     Matthew Green, a Johns Hopkins computer security expert, said Brazil
     won't protect itself from intrusion by isolating itself digitally. It
     will also be discouraging technological innovation, he said, by
     encouraging the entire nation to use a state-sponsored encrypted email
     service.  "It's sort of like a Soviet socialism of computing," he
     said, adding that the US "free-for-all model works better."

 - - -

Extremely wrong-headed thinking, Brazil. You'll only end up hurting
your own citizens.  But of course, many countries would like nothing
better than to push their citizens into government-operated email
systems, where you can be sure the government holds all the keys in
a purpose-built manner.  Don't think you're fooling anyone Brazil --
'cause you're not.

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