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[ NNSquad ] Docs show Europe's role in mass surveillance programs

Docs show Europe's role in mass surveillance programs

http://j.mp/1hAqpNN (Slate)

    European leaders are fuming over the scope of NSA surveillance.
    But France, Germany, and other countries are far from innocent
    bystanders when it comes to conducting dragnet spying, new leaks
    have revealed.  According to documents passed to the Guardian by
    former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, British eavesdropping agency
    GCHQ has been working in close cooperation with a host of European
    nations to covertly tap into citizens' communications. German,
    French, Spanish, and Swedish intelligence services have "all
    developed methods of mass surveillance of internet and phone
    traffic over the past five years" alongside GCHQ, the newspaper
    reported Friday.

 - - -
As anyone paying attention knew all along. Which makes the hypocrisy
of EU leaders' recent complaints all the more obvious.

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