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[ NNSquad ] CBS' background ("Overtime") video discussing production of their NSA pieces

CBS' background ("Overtime") video discussing production of their NSA

http://j.mp/18PTEIS  (Poynter)

    I think we asked the hardest questions we could ask. And part of this
    is not to go there and show you can beat up a public official in an
    interview. I have been beat up as a public official in interviews, and
    I have beaten up public officials in interviews. Our job this time was
    to take the hardest questions we could find and ask them, 'What's the
    answer to it,' and then spend a couple of minutes listening. Because
    this is really the side of the story that has been mined only in the
    most superficial ways. We've heard plenty from the critics. We've
    heard a lot from Edward Snowden. Where there's been a distinctive
    shortage is, putting the NSA to the test and saying not just 'We
    called for comment today' but to get into the conversation and say
    that sounds a lot like spying on Americans, and then say, 'Well,
    explain that.'

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