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[ NNSquad ] UK government fires up its "perverts" database with default BT filtering

UK government fires up its "perverts" database with default BT filtering

http://j.mp/J02h9u  (BBC)

    The move comes after the government called for internet service
    providers to filter legal pornography and other adult subjects "by
    default".  The BT Parental Controls filter will cover any
    internet-enabled device connected to its home broadband service.
    The implementation of the controls will be pre-selected for new
    users who are setting up their internet connection for the first
    time. They will have to confirm this option and then will be asked
    to set a filter level ... Sites that show pornography, refer to
    illegal drugs or promote self-harm will all be blocked. Other
    categories of sites that the filter can be set to block include
    nudity, social networking and gaming.  Users can also personalise
    the filters to block access to sex-education sites and search

  - - -

Chinese leaders chuckle while BT turns on British porn filters by
default. Kids just bypass them. Idiots on display. And how long before
some parents are charged with "child abuse" for not enabling the
filters -- as per the UK government's new pervert list of those who
disable it? Oh yes, blocking access to sex education sites. Thanks a
bunch, your majesty.

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