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[ NNSquad ] AT&T's Sponsored Data is bad for the internet, the economy, and you

AT&T's Sponsored Data is bad for the internet, the economy, and you

http://j.mp/1iLYXyu  (Verge)

    "Again, that sounds great - as consumers, we'd get more for our money -
     but in reality it's a way for AT&T to levy taxes on companies who can
     afford to pay. That has huge implications for the free market of the
     internet: if YouTube doesn't hit your data cap but Vimeo does, most
     people are going to watch YouTube. If Facebook feels threatened by
     Snapchat and launches Poke with free data, maybe it doesn't get
     completely ignored and fail. If Apple Maps launched with free data for
     navigation, maybe we'd all be driving off bridges instead of
     downloading Google Maps for iOS.  That's not fair competition; that's
     just pay-to-play.  Pull the thread out even farther and it gets even
     more evil: if sponsored data becomes a de facto cost of business in
     the exploding mobile market, those costs will just get passed right
     back to consumers. That "free" $4.99 Elysium rental will just end up
     costing $5.99, and advertising in apps like Facebook will just get
     more intrusive and creepy. And rest assured that AT&T will find a way
     to keep your service rates high and your contract terms restrictive;
     nothing about this plan involves shifting AT&T's profits, just
     increasing them. Lower-income customers on cheaper plans will be
     disproportionately affected: you and I might still pay for data and
     use whatever services we want, but anyone counting bits will be
     buffeted into a world of corporate control."

 - - -

It is obvious that this AT&T plan creates a fundamental incentive for
AT&T to keep data caps as low as possible, forcing more and more
subscribers to mostly or completely deal with firms willing (or
compelled for their own survival) to pay off AT&T as part of this
scheme. And if courts rule against the weak net neutrality provisions 
currently in place, you can bet your bottom dollar this same idea will
spread to non-mobile Internet services as well.

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