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[ NNSquad ] Facebook page mocking Greek Orthodox monk leads to jail sentence

Facebook page mocking Greek Orthodox monk leads to jail sentence

http://j.mp/1mrrfPk (Guardian)

     A man who created a Facebook page poking fun at a revered Greek
     Orthodox monk has been sentenced to 10 months in prison in Greece
     after being found guilty of blasphemy.  Thousands of Greeks took to
     social networking sites to protest against the arrest in 2012 of
     Filippos Loizos, 28, who used a play on words to portray Father
     Paisios as a traditional pasta-based dish.  "He was merely satirising
     in a country that gave birth to satire," his lawyer, Yorgos
     Kleftodimos, said on Friday. "Never and by no means did he insult the
     Orthodox church."

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