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[ NNSquad ] "Net Neutrality" Ruling Opens Door for 2-Tiered Internet Market

"Net Neutrality" Ruling Opens Door for 2-Tiered Internet Market

http://j.mp/1e7dJc8  (Scientific American)

    The D.C. Circuit court ruled in favor of Verizon because of how the
    FCC had originally classified broadband providers of high-speed
    Internet as being exempt from "common carrier" regulations. But the
    FCC can reassert its authority over high-speed Internet services and
    try again by simply reclassifying the broadband providers, saysSusan
    Crawford, a professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New
    York City and an advocate of net neutrality. "The FCC will need to
    respond, and my hope is that they will respond by reclassifying this
    service as a telecommunications service, and then 'forbearing' from
    whatever legacy regulatory steps they want to," Crawford says.

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