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[ NNSquad ] Snapchat's new "security" feature holds up about as long as a double cheeseburger

Snapchat's new "security" feature holds up about as long as a double cheeseburger

http://j.mp/1aME2Xu  (Steve's Computer Vision Blog)

    "With very little effort, my code was able to "find the ghost" in the
     above example with 100% accuracy. I'm not saying it is perfect, far
     from it. I'm just saying that if it takes someone less than an hour to
     train a computer to break an example of your human verification
     system, you are doing something wrong. There are a ton of ways to do
     this using computer vision, all of them quick and effiective. It's a
     numbers game with computers and Snapchat's verification system is

 - - -

The problem is that Snapchat is demonstrating that they don't really care about
security at all. They're hardly even going through the motions.

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