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[ NNSquad ] Eric Schmidt on Memegen and Google Culture

Eric Schmidt on Memegen and Google Culture

(Google+): https://plus.google.com/+LaurenWeinstein/posts/Z7ED8F8Na1M

    "In October 2010, a couple of Google engineers named Colin McMillen
     and Jonathan Feinberg launched an internal site called Memegen, which
     lets Googlers create memes -- pithy captions matched to images -- and
     vote on each other's creations. Memegen created a new way for Googlers
     to have fun while commenting acerbically on the state of the company.
     In the fine tradition of Tom Lehrer and Jon Stewart, Memegen can be
     very funny while cutting to the heart of controversies within the
     company." -- from "How Google Works"

 - - -

I can't overstate the fun and value of Memegen. Thing is, it takes a
very special kind of firm to permit something like Memegen not only to
exist but to flourish, as it does at Google. I'll leave what this
tells you about the Google culture as an exercise for the reader.
Cool that I can finally talk about this.

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