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[ NNSquad ] Bug in Bash shell creates big security hole on anything with *nix in it

Bug in Bash shell creates big security hole on anything with *nix in it
Could allow attackers to execute code on Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X

(Ars): http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/09/bug-in-bash-shell-creates-big-security-hole-on-anything-with-nix-in-it/

   "The bug, discovered by Stephane Schazelas, is related to how Bash
    processes environmental variables passed by the operating system or by
    a program calling a Bash-based script. If Bash has been configured as
    the default system shell, it can be used by network-based attackers
    against servers and other Unix and Linux devices via Web requests,
    secure shell, telnet sessions, or other programs that use Bash to
    execute scripts."

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