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[ NNSquad ] iPhone 6 lines filled with black market buyers

iPhone 6 lines filled with black market buyers

(6 ABC): http://6abc.com/society/black-market-takes-over-the-iphone-6-lines/320682/

   "Neistat was suspicious over the fact that the iPhone 6 crowd seemed
    unenthusiastic about waiting in line, in contrast to the excited fans
    of previous years. Bringing along a Mandarin translator, Aaron Reiss,
    to help communicate with the crowd, Neistat asked those in line who
    they were buying the iPhone for.  "Pretty much everybody said they
    were buying for themselves or buying for loved ones. Nobody would say
    that they were reselling, and a lot of people just sorta asked us to
    talk to other people," said Reiss.  Police arrived around midnight,
    forcing those asleep in line to wake up and stand up, or face arrest.
    While Neistat admits to not being able to cover whole events, the
    footage does show one officer using profane language in his negative
    criticism of the crowd. One woman was detained for unknown reasons."

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