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[ NNSquad ] The US is ready to redefine "television" to include the internet

The US is ready to redefine "television" to include the internet

(QZ): http://qz.com/273354/the-us-is-ready-to-redefine-television-to-include-the-internet/

    "This is a very big deal," said Richard Greenfield, an industry
    analyst for BTIG. "It could pose very significant challenges to the
    traditional [cable TV] bundle."  The FCC's Media Bureau is working on
    the proposal, which could be shared more broadly within the commission
    as early as this week, according to an FCC official.  Kim Hart, an FCC
    spokesman, declined to comment.  The proposal would only apply to
    online services that offer pre-scheduled programming. So the rules
    wouldn't cover Netflix, which allows subscribers to watch videos
    whenever they want.

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